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Hoverbike flying motorcycle
Hoverbike flying motorcycle
Product Name: Hoverbike flying motorcycle
Product Number Hoverbike-000702
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Product Details:

Engine Type flat twin 4-stroke, one camshaft and 4-valves per cylinder, central balancer shaft
Engine Displacement 1170cc
Bore & Stroke 101mm x 73mm
Compression Ratio 12.0:1
Nominal Output @7500rpm 80KW
Cooling Aircooled
Ignition Electronic
Fuel System Electronic intake pipe injection
Fuel tank capacity (without secondary tanks) 30L
Fuel tank capacity (with secondary tanks) 60L
Fuel Burn 0.5L/min / 30L/hr
Fuel Type Regular Unleaded
Drive-shafts Custom Carbon fiber
Gearbox Custom 1.5:1 reduction
Propellers 2 x Tasmanian Oak with carbon fiber leading edge (made by Michael Ellinas from Heliptera)
Airframe Carbon fiber with Kevlar reinforcement and foam core
Airframe width 1.3m
Airframe length 3m
Airframe height 0.55m
Dry Weight 105kg
Maximum takeoff weight 270kg
Total Thrust 295kg
Range 148km on primary tank @ 80knts cruise (290km with secondary tanks installed)
Airspeed Vne 150 KIAS (untested)
Hover greater than 10,000ft (estimated) 


How do you control the Hoverbike?
To lift off into a hover, one needs to increase the thrust via a throttle grip with the right hand - exactly the same as the throttle on a motorbike
To fly forward a combination involving an increase in thrust and the deflection of air from the front control vanes (twisting the left handle grip) will tilt the total thrust vector forward resulting in an acceleration forwards (twist back to go backwards)
To to make the bike roll (turn) left and right, all one needs to do is push the handle bars down on the side you wish to turn (handle bars work just like a bicycle, but with an extra axis so that they rotate up and down a little) - you could lean in the appropriate direction just like a motorbike, but this is proving to be not as sensitive as one would expect or like.
Yaw (nose left or right) is via control vanes front and rear and actuated by turning the handle bars - just like a bike
How safe is the Hoverbike?
Very safe. The hoverbike was designed with safety as the over-riding factor in all design. If you have ever flown and pre-flight checked a helicopter you will appreciate the simplicity of this design. With so many parts on a helicopter - and a large number of single parts that could alone cause catastrophic disaster if they should fail - it is just a matter of time. The hoverbike has as many components as possible with triple redundancy which requires at least 2 other components to fail before you might have a serious airborne failure. This combined with a massive reduction in total parts (compared to a helicopter) and the hoverbike becomes safer and cheaper.
Parachutes. With the hoverbike you have the choice to wear an emergency parachute and have two explosive parachutes attached to the airframe, with a helicopter you have no such choice. The hoverbike in it's current configuration cannot autorotate (with adjustable pitch propellers it can) but this should not be viewed as a discredit to the design. Engine failure in a helicopter or plane by no means assures you that you will survive a autorotation or glide, as air crash statistics show. The option of removing yourself from the vehicle and descending via parachute to the ground may well save your life
The propeller blades will have on the next revision (and certainly the final product sold) a fine mesh over the entire ducting, which will stop any wandering hands or large debri from entering the duct.
How stable is the Hoverbike?
Great! With the limited ground testing done thus far the hoverbike has preformed exactly as predicted. In comparison to a helicopter the hover is less sensitive to input and inherently stable. Contrary to popular belief, having greater mass above the centre of pressure does not mean an unstable craft (yes it is less inherently stable than below) A good point of comparison is with fixed wing aircraft, which you can crudely put in three categories - wing above (mass hanging below), wing below (mass sitting above) and wing in the centre - all have their benefits and tradeoffs
Why is it strapped to the ground during flight tests?
Because we do not know 100% what might happen during testing the straps are there to cover the unknown. The hoverbike is quite stable and does not want to tip over, however if something unplanned happens during testing we don't want to break our prototype!
How high/fast has it flown?
We're still in the ground testing phase, which means we haven't had the pleasure of flying around the countryside - yet!
Helicopters and ducted fan designs have upper limits to their airspeed imposed in part due to the physical dynamics of the airflow over the forward edge of the duct or fan resulting in a increase in lift on the front causing the aircraft nose to rise and therefore slow the forward airspeed. The hoverbike is not immune from this effect, however the basic design is such that it should reach 150knts. Given the thrust to weight ratio (remember its all about the thrust to weight), the hover ceiling is greater than 10,000ft. In theory you could go higher, but you need oxygen to do so - also there is not much point, as the hoverbike is designed for safe low level aerial work
Why a two blade propeller?
In short - cost, and efficiency (single blade is the most efficient prop). The next revision will have a five blade propeller to reduce prop noise and loading, while keeping current thrust and propeller diameter.
How heavy can you be to fly?
130kg with 45mins flight time. The Hoverbike has plenty of thrust, so like everything it's a trade-off - more weight means less fuel and stability.
When will I be able to buy a Hoverbike
We would like to you buy a hoverbike now, but lets be honest - this takes time to get right. To help speed this up so you can own one, we need funding and man-hours. This bike was built over 2 1/2 years by one person in his car garage after work and studies, and building it is only 10% of the way there. Testing testing and testing needs to be done and we need collective help from you!
If you would like to buy a prototype now, and do your own testing, please feel free to contact us to discuss.
How much will it cost
We are not in the production phase yet, so we cannot give you a finalized price structure, but as a guide, when we can sell at least 100 units a year the cost with current material prices and labor will be $45,000AUD +/-$5000. As with all goods, economy of scale will bring the price down. At 1000 units a year the cost will be similar to a performance motorcycle! (on-going development cost due to testing may vary this a little)
If you would like to buy a prototype now, and do your own testing - or just to help us quicken the development time with extra funding, please feel free to contact us to discuss.
Do you need to have a pilots license to fly the Hoverbike?
Having previous experience in a helicopter or plane would be a great help. That said, this is a new way to fly and one would need to learn to ride the hoverbike in much the same manner as a helicopter or riding a motorcycle. If you live in the USA or your country has similar civil aviation regulations, then the hoverbike will be classed as a 'ultralite' which means you do not need a pilots license to fly the hoverbike.


As we are still in the testing phase we cannot yet sell you a production Hoverbike.
If you really can't wait and would like to purchase a Hoverbike now, we can build you a working prototype.
Please contact us for more info.
The Hoverbike development is funded entirely by donations and your purchases of Hoverbike merchandise.
If you would love a cool T-Shirt or would just like to help out, below are some examples of our Hoverbike T-Shirts. Check out our store for a broader range

Thank you for your support!


Videos coming soon

We have seen a lot of visits recently and realize that some of you have come back to see if we have updated the videos page. We did hope to film the last test flight un-tethered, but unfortunately we needed to rebuild the propeller gearboxes due to unforeseen localized stress on a section of the mounting points. A quick design fix – but one that takes time and money to be re-manufactured and re-assembled.
After the re-build we will conduct one more tethered test before we release the bike from the ground. We will have a new control system to test then, and we also need to learn to fly the bike (one way to look at this, is trying to fly a helicopter for the first time without an instructor)

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