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AIVTER Mobile scanning device_new_Amu Buy:Omaha/Texas holdem poker analyzer, plastic marked card, hidden video glasses, scanning lens, surveillance video system
  AMU BUY LLC: New Iphone/MDA/AMU Texas/Omaha/Capado hold'em Poker Analyzer
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AIVTER Mobile scanning device

 Single phone poker card scanning device: Players 2 or card game, Texas players, automatic card number: ace.tow.three.four.five.six.Seven.Eight.Nine.ten.jack.queen.king.jokers and color: heart, club , Diomand, spade It can be implemented to complete the operation one poker card game, by stealth headset voice prompts to receive launchers, 100% accuracy of the results obtained, suggesting that the size of the digital color-player games

Overall hardware configuration:

1) a single cell phone camera (can be configured to select othermicro Hardware: cuff lens, lighter lenses, lens murals, clothing,camera, drinking fountains lens, black box camera, etc.)

2) The report card program a hardware chipset can receive / transmit the results of scanning poker card game, sending a singlelanguage to inform the stealth gamers headset

3) a set of wireless headphones stealth, can receive clear digital voice in English and colors

4) High-power magnification receiver at a distance of 1.5 meterscan be received between the single-game sound, for clear sound

5) Poker Card options: plastic poker cards and matrix cards, you need to scan the tag of processing

Annex configuration:

  Lithium battery, charger, packaging box

Transportation: by DHL / TNT / EMS, urban transport free of chargefor express delivery, in remote areas need to pay additional transport costs.

Payment: By Western Union / MoneyGram or by online paymentservice PAYPAL, after receiving the money, exactly three days to send items to designated areas

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